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As the world slowly turns (poem)

August 18, 2008
As the world slowly turns through wars in a distant land,
soldiers in a battlefield with tanks and endless sand.
Fighting in a war that never seems to end,
fighting an enemy without a hope or friend.
As the world slowly turns through endless strife and pain,
fatherless little children; funerals in the rain.
Presidential canadates who talk of nothing more,
than racial slurs back and forth, but the rest of us ignore.
As the world slowly turns, many hearts are torn.
Letters post-marked “returned”, as fatherless babes are born.
Speeches by the president: “We cannot back down”.
In a war that last forever; looking like a clown.
As the world slowly turns with hopeless dreams and lies.
The candle that was lit, slowly fades and dies.
Freshly dug graves, that were never meant to be.
Let’s bring our soldiers home back to Lady Liberty!
© By Rebecca Wiles