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Here Comes The Storm…

August 18, 2008
It’s another hunter’s moon; clear, bright, and high,
nothing but star light fills the sky.
The silence blows into the gathering night,
not a single cloud in sight,

but… here comes the storm

You can feel it in the air blowing in,
where moments ago nothing had been.
The rain drops slowly start to pour,
and just when you think there can’t be more…

Here comes the storm…

Tossing clouds through the air,
the pounding thunder of despair.
Torrents of rain and windy blasts,
and when you think it’s gone at last,

Here comes the storm….

But even storms don’t last forever,
and soon unveiled, is sunny weather.
A hunter’s moon revealed at night,
No clouds, no storm; not one in sight….

© by Rebecca Wiles