The Essence Of You!

August 18, 2008

As I walk outside the cold air hits me in the face,
and I can’t erase,
the feel of you, the sound of you, the scent of you.
As I walk through the park, every face I see,
always reminds me,
of your eyes, your smile, your voice.

I have to run away but you’re always there,
and though it isn’t fair,
the feel of you, the sound of you, the scent of you,
will always be a part of me.
I cannot escape my fate,
it is far too late,
for your eyes, your smile, your voice and every part of you,
is my destiny!

© by Rebecca Wiles


I don’t know your story…

August 18, 2008
I don’t know your story.
I don’t know your song.
I don’t know your destiny;
whether right or wrong.

I only know you’re someone;
important just like me.
we are all connected heart to heart,
like one big family.

So we must remember,
in everything we do,
that our actions and reactions,
flow from me to you.

So I don’t know your story.
And I don’t know your fate.
But I know if we live and love,
it never is too late!

© by Rebecca Wiles

Here Comes The Storm…

August 18, 2008
It’s another hunter’s moon; clear, bright, and high,
nothing but star light fills the sky.
The silence blows into the gathering night,
not a single cloud in sight,

but… here comes the storm

You can feel it in the air blowing in,
where moments ago nothing had been.
The rain drops slowly start to pour,
and just when you think there can’t be more…

Here comes the storm…

Tossing clouds through the air,
the pounding thunder of despair.
Torrents of rain and windy blasts,
and when you think it’s gone at last,

Here comes the storm….

But even storms don’t last forever,
and soon unveiled, is sunny weather.
A hunter’s moon revealed at night,
No clouds, no storm; not one in sight….

© by Rebecca Wiles

We Are Alive!

August 18, 2008

We never really take the time to smell a single flower.
And as the thunderstorm goes by, do we really feel the power?
We go on living day by day, with a simple breath of air.
But what if we woke up to find, our next moment wasn’t there?

We are alive, we are someone,
so pick yourself up, and dust yourself off,
and feel the morning sun.
We are alive!

Is gratitude what we feel as we take each coming breath?
Or do we look upon our lives as just another death?
Do we see the colored hues within the rainbow band?
Come, touch someone with inspiration; it’s time to make our stand.

We are alive, we are someone,
so pick yourself up, and dust yourself off,
and feel the morning sun.
We are alive!

Don’t just smile with your lips, but feel it through your eyes.
Take time to gaze at the stars above, and feel the sun arise.
Don’t forget to love someone,even if it’s hard to do.
Tell someone you thought of them; hey they might say it too!

We are alive, we are someone,
so pick yourself up, dust yourself off,
and feel the morning sun.
We are alive!

© Rebecca Wiles

As the world slowly turns (poem)

August 18, 2008
As the world slowly turns through wars in a distant land,
soldiers in a battlefield with tanks and endless sand.
Fighting in a war that never seems to end,
fighting an enemy without a hope or friend.
As the world slowly turns through endless strife and pain,
fatherless little children; funerals in the rain.
Presidential canadates who talk of nothing more,
than racial slurs back and forth, but the rest of us ignore.
As the world slowly turns, many hearts are torn.
Letters post-marked “returned”, as fatherless babes are born.
Speeches by the president: “We cannot back down”.
In a war that last forever; looking like a clown.
As the world slowly turns with hopeless dreams and lies.
The candle that was lit, slowly fades and dies.
Freshly dug graves, that were never meant to be.
Let’s bring our soldiers home back to Lady Liberty!
© By Rebecca Wiles

Tropical Storm Faye

August 18, 2008

Well it looks like we will get the outskirts of Tropical Storm Faye. Maybe about 10 to 20 mph winds and so our tomatoe plants will surrvive.. We’ve had plenty of hurricanes here and the worst for us was hurricane Rita..The power was out for a few days but nothing like Panama City and Pensecola near the coast…

I have to admit there is something a bit exciting in a scary way about those storms..Except for the tornadoes because they really do scare me (as I grew up in Kansas and know a lot about them;0). It is good that the storm will not travel much in the gulf and come this way as more damage would be done and a lot more possible deaths. Well we will see how bad the storm gets come Wednesday or Thursday..